AchieveIt360 - The Secret for Teens

Andrea Samadi, Founder and CEO of started my career as a middle school teacher in Toronto, Canada, when a chance meeting with a neighbor (in the late 1990s) inspired my passion for personal development, youth leadership and sales, changing my life forever. I  never imagined back then how drastically my life would change when I was handed Bob Proctor’s “You Were Born Rich Book!"  I had no idea the impact that this book would have on my future, inspiring me to put my dreams first, and start using the potential I knew I had!
I quickly found my place and became the Executive Director and Board Member of Bob Proctor’s Youth Mentor International. It was here that I began to work with these amazing leadership concepts with youth, and watched hundreds of young adults skyrocket their results to ground breaking levels. Working hand in hand with Bob Proctor and these youth changed the course of my life forever, and my well thought out goals very quickly became reality! There was nothing better for my career as I was networking and building rapport backstage and behind the scenes with the leaders in motivation, oneYMI being Doug Wead, ( the advisor to two American Presidents), another was Mark Victor Hansen, (co-author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul Series), as well as Jay Abraham, America’s number one marketing wizard.
 I met celebrity visionaries like Canadian born Art Linkletter, Melanie Griffith, learned best practices in the stock market, how to think with a CEO mindset, leverage myself with third party credibility and the power of SUPER networking. This experience gave me more insight, knowledge and direct access to information than she could ever have dreamed of. My sales offices were full of personal development programs from top notch leaders in motivation like Jack Canfield, Abraham-Hicks, Bill Gove and Steve Siebold. Each night, I devoured these programs, studying, learning and working out ways that I could take this information to the group who I knew needed it the most; young people.